Apple Mail to EML Converter for Windows Live Mail


Finding the optimal Apple Mail to EML Converter tool was no less than hitting the jackpot in a lottery. There wasn’t a complete tool that did it all. If some offered power, they would lack precision, and if other offered precision it lacked ease, and the list goes on. But no more. USL Software developed the ultimate Apple Mail to EML Converter that does it all.

Apple Mail to EML Converter


Mail Extractor Max is the ultimate Apple Mail to EML Converter from USL Software that provides you everything and something extra required for a safe, quick and efficient mail conversion process.

Apple Mail to EML Converter

Easy and Accurate

The tool offers you the desired control, ease and accuracy when it comes to converting you input files. You can easily convert not only your Apple Mail to EML, but also into Thunderbird, Postbox, Entourage etc.

This gives you the power of deciding what your conversion tool is going to create. No other Apple Mail to EML Converter in the market offers anything like this or even close to this.

Now you don’t have to sit before your pc and search for hours for a reliable converter every time your current Apple Mail to EML Converters fails to produce the desired output or you want to convert your input file into a different format.

It really sums up the concept of one tool to do it all.

The tool is not only about options. It offers exceptional power to convert all the data present in your input file. The tool converts everything down to the last bit without even missing a single unit of it.

No Data Loss

The accuracy and precision of the tool can be experienced from the fact that the output file produced by the tool is an exact replica of the input file. The tool even retains the folder hierarchy of the input file so that post conversion you don’t have to struggle in finding your desired data.

The tool protects your data from any kind of corruption or damage too. Unlike other Apple Mail to EML Converters, Mail Extractor Max supports conversion of your Unicode data.

Unicode data is the non-English part of your data that makes the conversion process a little bit trickier. Many Apple Mail to EML Converter fail at this very step making an incomplete attempt at the conversion process that has negative effects like corruption on your data.

Self Guided Program

All this can be controlled with the help of an intuitive and intelligently designed interface that makes using the tool very easy and efficient.

The interface offers informative wizards and dialog boxes that guide you through every step of the conversion process. This is of great help for the user especially if they are just starting out.

It helps them to get comfortable with the operations of the tool and how to use with ease.

Apple Mail to EML

Get this Apple Mail to EML Converter

The free to download trial version allows you a sneak peek into what the tool has to offer before you buy the premium version. And for any help or queries there is a 24*7 helpline available at your disposal. So, download your copy today and get started.

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