What is the need to convert PST to Thunderbird format?

Convert PST to Thunderbird format is easy, here is how?

Thunderbird is an email client which is compatible with a number of operating systems and gives a smooth mailing experience to users. Apart from Mac and Windows, it is also compatible with Linux and Ubuntu. These are the most popular operating systems. Compared to this, Outlook is compatible with fewer systems. This is a transition people make for ease and versatility. On Mac, PST is a foreign format which is not readable at all. It is a format for Windows Outlook and when a user needs to access these files in Thunderbird, a format conversion process becomes a necessity.

Convert PST to Thunderbird format in few clicks

Due to incompatibility issues on Mac, most people have one time or other tried to convert PST files to OLM for use on Outlook or to MBOX for Thunderbird and other clients. The struggle with manual methods is real. The long process with too many steps takes a toll and tests one’s patience. Even after all of this, there is no surety that one will be able to finish conversion in one go. Many a times, there is a need for repetition and this leads to wastage of time. Work spaces today need flawless and fail proof systems and software because world is operating at a fast pace. It is important to match the speed else one is left behind making it difficult to catch up. PST extractor Pro by USL is a flawless technology which all users need to convert PST to Thunderbird format on Mac with just a few clicks.

convert pst to thunderbird format

Why this is the best ever tool to convert PST to Thunderbird format?

To begin with, it uses a step by step short and fast process. With a wizard based interface and simple language for instructions, it further simplifies the task even for novices. An automatic solution is bound to be fast and this one is from a renowned brand making it a hundred percent fail proof tool. You can transfer bulk data or you can select few folders in PST file and go with selective PST to MBOX conversion. This tool also gives you a choice to convert PST to formats like RGE, EML format, or to Apple mail compatible format. The reassuring part is that you can buy this technology for very little.

Why should users avoid free tool to convert PST to Thunderbird format?

Free web based applications are usually with open source code which is hardly left original. With access for anyone, codes can be messed with to make such tools insecure, inefficient, and even dangerous. It is like allowing a thief to take a look at what you have and then the thief may take away what it wants. No one wants such privacy and security issues to exist when doing this task. This is why one must say no to these free tools.

convert pst format to thunderbird

Try for free what is guaranteed to be safe

Our demo for this licensed third party tool to convert PST to Thunderbird format is free to try for all. It can be used for conversion of ten items from each selected folder with all features to enjoy a seamless experience.

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