Export Mail to PST for Mac and Windows Outlook!

‘Mail’ is a software from Apple to help you manage your needs regarding emails. It can also be used for contacts, calendar, and other information. But all this data is hard to move to other clients if you need to. The primary reason being that Apple Mail uses EMLX as raw file to store a single email’s text (not even including the Attachment) and uses MBOX as archived file. If the other clients you want to move all this data to does not support EMLX or MBOX, the migration can become complicated.

Export Mail to PST for Mac/Win Outlook

Here, our objective is to export Mail to PST Mac, where PST is a file used in Windows and Mac Outlook. Because Outlook in both versions cannot support data import using MBOX file, the only choice is to first convert or export the data in ‘Mail’ client to PST files.

For this, there is no better way than through ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ application from USL Software. The main reason for using this application is that it allows direct conversion of ‘Mail’ database from Profile/Identity rather than requiring MBOX files. But there are plenty more reasons to use the tool. It has become the favorite of both experts and basic users for exporting Mail to PST in Mac OS X directly.

The tool can convert Mac Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox, EML & MBOX to PST in Mac.

export mail to pst

You can try it out directly using the free demo version, or you can read rest of the article to understand two of its most important aspects in depths, which is autoload feature and the interface.

Autoload of Identity:

When you launch the tool, you will see three different kinds of input:

  • Apple Mail,
  • Thunderbird/Postbox, and
  • MBOX
  • EML

Thunderbird/Postbox database to PST is also possible with this tool, but that is out of the scope of this article. When you click on Apple Mail option, you will further find yourself with two more options:

  • Autoload: to let the tool pick up your primary database from the main location (which is called Profile or Identity)
    • Open: This is almost equal to autoloading the database, except you need to specify the database directory, like from backup locations rather than from the default location. This option also does not require to load any files manually.
exporting mail to pst

All these options are offered to the users so that they don’t themselves limited to anyone procedure, like with other substandard solutions. Here you are not restricted and can pick the approach or the input source that is applicable in your scenario. Another benefit of the ‘Autoload’ function is the extreme precision that it brings to the table. Manual file conversion using MBOX is not a bad answer, but it can lead to certain errors and missing elements. But targeting the main source will consistently yield 100% accurate data outpu8t in the form of PST files.

Let’s move no to 2nd feature.

Simplicity Redefined:

Most tools for exporting Mail to PST in Mac OS X are too cumbersome for basic users to use, without offering either the essential features or sophisticated features for advanced projects. “Mail Extractor Pro” makes sure that you get all the advanced features of the tool without a hard-to-follow interface.

The developers designed the interface keeping the most beginner and basic user in mind. You may not have the most basic technical awareness of the email migration process, but you will still find the tool simple to use. And this all without trading off with any of its power and advanced option.

With the option to directly select Apple Mail Profile and with the smart and intuitive UI, you will never have to worry about exporting Mail to PST in Mac.

mail to pst

To convert Mac Mail to PST, get ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ demo/free trial for evaluation and test all of its features.

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