Avoid troubles and enjoy sophisticated Apple Mail conversion service!

Apple Mail conversion with ease, here is what you need to do.

To convert Apple Mail to PST is a process feasible to everyone now, all thanks to the manufacture of Mail Extractor Pro by USL software. This is a mail conversion solution that has been created keeping in mind the users, so it has an intuitive interface and can be used comfortably by inexperienced users while keeping the experience smooth for regular users. A trial version of the software has been made available for free.

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Finally an Apple Mail conversion software worthy of your attention

When using this software the user can be reassured of any damage to data, this software never freezes and makes sure that all the files are converted smoothly. In fact, it even lets the users select the size of the output PST files beforehand. As for the Apple Mail conversion process, it is quite simple, the users are supposed just to follow the steps being provided and give commands once in a while. Thereafter they can choose the location to which the converted files would be turned in, that is all that is needed.

Converts several files at once to save time

The usual manual method of Apple Mail conversion can be frustratingly long, so this software gives its users an alternative. Not only would one be converting the files automatically, they would be able to convert the files in bulk. That means, in a single batch one can convert several files, making the task much more effortless.

Suitable for Unicode

This software recognize even the most unique type of data, including Unicode. So, one can freely convert files containing Unicode without worrying about their integrity. Other than Unicode, this software is also safe for metadata. It makes sure that even the smallest bit of mail data remains safe during the conversion. At the end of the conversion you are guaranteed to find nothing missing or misplaced, a regular risk with an ordinary software.

Directly converts files in the mac

Users of this software can save themselves from a lot of unnecessary labour thanks to the advanced technology of this software. It is capable of conversion in the mac itself, which means that the users would not have to transfer the data to the mac first for successful Apple Mail MBOX to PST conversion. Nor do they have to archive their mail files to MBOX.

Keeps folder hierarchy intact

To make sure that the users do not have to spend time rearranging files after the conversion, this software makes sure that the folders remain in their expected position. One would not have to waste time looking for folders thus. Also, all the nested messages and attachments are also successfully retrieved and preserved.

Safe from bugs

This software will never slow down or freeze in the course of Apple Mail conversion. It is entirely free of faults and bugs, so you can convert any kind of file using it without any hesitation.

You can get yourself either the trial version or the full version of it from the links below.

The Website: www.mailextractorpro.com

It can convert Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX & EML to PST file format.