OLM to PST Converter, the Best Software App in Its Category!

OLM to PST Converter for Mac or Windows, here is the tools you need to convert Mac Outlook (OLM) to Windows Outlook (PST).

OLM to PST Converter

Moving the email data across clients and platforms can turn out to be a total disaster if you have no experience, or more importantly, if you are employing a wrong software tool. To move Outlook Mac data into Windows Outlook version, you need an OLM to PST converter to convert the respective files. But lack of professional tools has made this task very intimidating for most.

Convert Mails, Contacts, Calendars etc.

It is not just the emails but contacts, calendar, and other associated information that you want to migrate. To do that without errors, the converter needs to hold power and features that can get you from start to finish while avoiding any data information errors. This includes damage to folder hierarchy, broken metadata, broken images, partial Unicode conversion, and so on. Not to mention, many beginners feel that majority of OLM to PST converter tools do not provide a smooth approach to the job. Their inferior interfaces could add to the frustration immensely.

OLM to PST Converter Tools for Mac & Windows

You might have gone through similar OLM to PST converter and suffered the same fate of integrity compromise and data loss along with other issues, now is the time to ignore the unprofessional solutions. If you are curious to find out which is the best OLM to PST converter in the sea of mediocre ones, continue reading below.

OLM to PST Converter Pro (Visit Website)

Gladwev Software has provided many tools and applications, particularly for email migration tasks. One of them is simply titled ‘OLM to PST Converter Pro‘, giving away its purpose straightaway. It is Mac and Windows based utility to convert OLM files to PST.

olm to pst converter

Here we are going to analyze why it works in the most favorable way relative to all other tools.

Easy & Fast Conversion

The foremost aspect of any software is how the users can interact with its features. It’s called user-interface, without which, even the most powerful app can become obscure soon. Without any friendly way to apply what an app has to offer, there is no point. Gladwev Software did not make the same mistake. ‘OLM to PST Converter Pro’ has a smart design as the front interface that allows the least experienced user to instantly pick it up and get to work without getting adrift in complex tutorials. If this is your first-time converting Outlook OLM files to PST, you would never feel like so.

100% Accurate & Clean Conversion

Second most prominent reason why it has made its mark on both professionals and basic home users is the inner workings of the tool, mainly, the algorithms that work on your email data. These algorithms can process the tiniest information from the files, resulting in 100% clean conversion. Often the partial conversion is the biggest concern of many people. Now you can entirely let of any such worries. ‘OLM to PST Converter Pro’ will work on your OLM files thoroughly.

Support Any Size of Mailbox

Apart from this, it also brings certain unique and convenient functionality that can impact your experience significantly in a good way. For instance, you do not have to worry about getting an oversized PST file because now you can set a size limit and split the large files automatically. The tool also allows you to filter the folders before converting them.

To get a complete picture of how it works and what it can do for you, we highly recommend trying out a demo edition, which is available for both Mac and Windows platform.

OLM to PST Converter Ultimate (Visit Website)

Gladwev Software also features an advanced version, called “OLM to PST Converter ultimate” which takes the whole approach to another level. The Ultimate edition can convert Outlook identity database folder directly, making it unnecessary to first archive your emails and other items to OLM.

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Mac Outlook Database Recovery (Visit Website)

For users interested, there is also Mac Outlook Database Recovery. This utility not only recovers your data after corruption, but lets you choose from multiple email formats to save the data on. PST is one of the output formats you can pick from, among others such as OLM, MBOX, Thunderbird, and EML. This tool is highly recommended for users with corrupt or damaged identities.

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Mail Passport Pro (Visit Website)

Another software from GLADwev Software is ‘Mail Passport Pro‘. It works on Windows and converts Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, Outlook for Mac (OLM), Entourage (RGE), MBOX & EML to PST for Mac & Windows Outlook.

best olm to pst converter

If you are looking for OLM to PST converter for Mac or Windows, then you can try any of these olm converter tool.