Transfer MBOX to PST (the perfect tool)

The process to transfer MBOX to PST isn’t just a simple copy paste operation. This process of moving your data involves a lot of things. There is extraction of data, restructuring it and then storing it into files of the target format, which is PST in this case.

Now all of this also may seem simple and straightforward, but since your data is involved, the risk and the technicalities of the process increases. You cannot take the process lightly at any cost. Doing so can become very bad for your data. It can get corrupted, data gaps may appear, or worse it can get permanently lost. You cannot afford to lose your data just during a transfer process. So, in order to carry out the process safely and securely, you’ll need help.

Transfer MBOX to PST with the best help for best results

When you talk about the help in case of transferring MBOX to PST, you are actually talking about the conversion solution you are using. Conversion solutions are the techniques or aids you take to get the job done.

The cheapest and the most easily available means of converting your data is the manual methods of conversion. It was the go-to conversion solution in the past but has lost its efficiency in the modern world. Why? Because the modern-day databases have outgrew the size and complexity that can be handled by manual conversion methods. Plus, you need to be really an expert to transfer MBOX data to PST manually.

The right and rewarding way to convert your data is with the help of a third-party converter tool. Third-party converter tools are nothing but software applications. These applications are designed and executed with just one thing in mind, email conversion.

Mail Extractor Pro: The perfectly designed and executed converter tool

There are many converter tools present in the market but only one is backed by top experts and casual users alike. And that tool is Mail Extractor Pro from USL Software. This tool has everything that a user can wish for in a conversion solution.

It can convert MBOX, EML, Thunderbird, Postbox and Mac Mail to Outlook (*.pst file)

transfer MBOX to PST

This perfectly designed and executed converter tool has a rich set of features that help you overcome any problem when you transfer MBOX to PST. The list consists of features like:

Split Large PST Files:

The MBOX to PST conversion tool helps you overcome with the large file problem you usually face while importing converted PST files using Outlook. Outlook has problems in importing large sized PST files. So, to make your job easier post conversion the tool splits the oversized PST files into smaller files so that you can import them easily. You can even set the size limit yourself, thus giving you the flexibility with your MBOX to PST transfer.

Ignore Folders that have nothing:

The algorithms of the tool are very smart in its working. They help reduce the overusing of your resources by ignoring the folders that don’t have anything. This means that the tool only uses your resources when there is something important to convert otherwise it just lets it go.

MBOX to PST transfer

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