Thunderbird to Outlook PST Conversion / Migration Easy Way

Mail Extractor Pro – a one stop email converter tool that resolves Thunderbird to Outlook PST migration issues!

The task to convert any email from one format to the other involves a lot of complicated steps. If a user goes by the way of manual conversions then most of the steps remain unintelligible for majority of the users. And even if the user chooses to use an email converter tool then it is not absolutely guaranteed that the process would become any simpler. That is because not every tool is well designed for such complex jobs.

Thunderbird to Outlook PST Migration Tool

There is no doubt that a lot of users feel intimidated by Thunderbird to Outlook PST conversions which are no different in terms of complexity. Therefore, in order to successfully achieve these complicated conversions, a highly equipped email converter tool is required. Our recommendation to get control of such complicated email conversions is Mail Extractor Pro. This tool can single handedly manage Apple mail, MBOX, Postbox and Thunderbird to Outlook PST conversions.

Thunderbird to Outlook PST conversions are particularly difficult as there are a lot of differences in the base formats of both. We basically have two email clients- Thunderbird that is generally archived in MBOX and Outlook that is archived in PST. MBOX and PST are evidently distinctive in nature. But Mail Extractor Pro is specifically designed to take up these tricky jobs only. As far as Thunderbird to Outlook PST conversions are concerned, this tool would work wonders for the users!

Thunderbird to Outlook PST

Mail Extractor Pro offers a great interface to carry out Thunderbird to Outlook PST conversions!

The experience that the user would have in carrying out a highly demanding task such as Thunderbird to Outlook PST conversion greatly depends on what they see on the screen. Interface is the communication channel between the user and the Thunderbird to Outlook converter tool (Mail Extractor Pro). Notwithstanding the importance of all the other features, interface hugely influences the overall user experience.

With Mail Extractor Pro, this part is well sorted as the interface is highly user friendly. The semblance is extremely simple and becomes perceivable at first sight. This being said, the overall simplicity of the process enhances the user experience too. The self-guided steps help in reaching the final stage without any hassles. There are very basic choices that are to be made by the user and these would directly lead to the converted Thunderbird to Outlook PST files.

100 % appropriate Thunderbird to Outlook PST results with Mail Extractor Pro!

Mail Extractor Pro is an unabridged tool that is comprehensive in its approach as well. Irrespective of the size, make, and composition of the database, this tool would give out 100% Thunderbird to Outlook PST conversion results. Nothing is left behind in its conversions. Even the minutest details like HTML files, attachments, contacts, calendars, timestamps, etc. are transformed from Thunderbird to Outlook PST.

Thunderbird to Outlook

This is a complete solution to the Thunderbird to Outlook PST conversion issue. Any user who has finalized taking up Thunderbird to Outlook PST conversions must without any doubt opt for this tool to get perfect results!