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Thunderbird to Outlook Converter

Mail Extractor Pro - Convert Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Postbox, MBOX to Microsoft Outlook.

Thunderbird to Outlook Converter

Thunderbird Mac and Outlook Windows are two email clients that has essentially all features. And necessary to make email management productive and easy. They can be used in professional environment or for personal use.

But they are nothing like each other in the sense of their inner workings. That makes it hard for the type of operations that they are not built for. Such as – migrating data from one to another. Since they are built by two different companies (Mozilla and Microsoft), finding a solution to export emails can become a chore.

There are few non-official Thunderbird to Outlook converter that some use for the job. They require you to select the files containing emails, and some other manual configuration to make the conversion is accurate.

But in practice, these converters are truly horrible for moving emails and other items like contacts and calendar. They take a lot of time and most importantly, they do not perform clean and thorough data processing. Often you will find that the converted data is fragmented and not fit for use. This can be a major obstacle for both professional and home users. No one wants to see their data corrupt or anything missing.

But that doesn’t mean the conversion task is doomed from the beginning. The kind of a Thunderbird to Outlook converter you choose makes the whole difference. Manual approach can work, but unless you are an expert, you are going to be regretting it sooner than you think. And even for IT professionals, manual email migration is not an option, especially because of the size of the database they need to deal with.

The Best Thunderbird to Outlook Converter

That brings us to one option – for anyone, either working in a large company or just a home user that has a few folders that need to be moved – “Mail Extractor Pro“.

Thunderbird to Outlook Converter

The most impressive part of “Mail Extractor Pro” is that it fits the requirements of all sort of migration projects that include Thunderbird to Outlook data. It can be used for simpler jobs, moving just few email folders to Outlook in Windows, or moving extremely large Thunderbird databases into Outlook.

This is due to the fact that it has a very simple interface, through which you can interact with its sophisticated features. And through the smart algorithms used for processing information are so precise and dedicated that the conversion is always professional level. You will not see a single byte of data not converted properly, lost, damaged, and so on.

The tool can convert metadata, headers, non-English text, attachments images, contacts, and calendar data with no fuss. It’s specially written logic to deal with double-byte characters. It allows to convert languages such as Chinese or Korean. Basically, “Mail Extractor Pro” is capable of mapping the entire database of Thunderbird into PST files for Outlook in Windows.

It offers a great value for users that need to convert Thunderbird to Outlook without too much trouble or efforts.

Download the free demo version of this expert-recommended Thunderbird to Outlook converter. It requires no sign-up, no manual actions from users, and delivers sharp results. You can instantly download the setup using the link below.

Mail Extractor Pro

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