Postbox to PST Converter – Sharp Utility with Everything Essential for Safe Conversion!

Postbox is a mail client used in Mac platform and is very popular among users due to its friendly interface. However, if you wish to move to Windows Outlook, you are going to face obstacles trying to migrate your data because there are no ways directly to move Postbox files into Outlook. You are going to need to convert the original database or files to a format Outlook can import, which is PST.

Postbox to PST Converter

This can only be done through a third-party Postbox to PST converter and there is no better converter than ‘Mail Extractor Pro’.

Mail Extractor Pro’ is USL Software designed tool compatible with Mac OS X. It has a very basic UI that allows everyone to effortlessly migrate their data. But it is not just for Postbox to PST, but can also convert Apple Mail, MBOX files and Thunderbird to PST as well. For this post, we are only going to be concerned with Postbox to PST.

postbox to pst

‘Mail Extractor Pro’ works in two ways: autoload or manual.

postbox to pst converter

Autoload: when you choose ‘Autoload,’ the tool picks up the main database folder called Profile or Identity. It applies to Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and Postbox databases.

Manual: If you wish to convert any other backup databases, you can choose “open” and then browse to where the backup is stored.

There is third option as well, which is to convert MBOX files to PST. If you have archived all your emails to MBOX files, you can choose to convert that into PST.

But, the most recommended approach is the direct autoload option, which eliminates any chances of data loss or partial conversion, and also makes the job much quicker than traditional ways.

Easy, Safe & Quick

Mail Extractor Pro‘ is designed in a way that allows users from the widest scope possible to migrate their data, while maintaining the simplicity without affecting the functionality. Everyone gets what is essential for safe and quick migration, from powerful features to basic interface. Whether you have only few folders or massive database, or whether you are a home user or an IT professional, ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘ works equally well in all scenarios.

Accurate, Clean & Bug free

The internal framework responsible for processing information is diligently developed for clean and error-free output. With email migration tasks such as Postbox to PST, it is often seen that the typical ways of computing email components yield integrity flaws. In some cases, the original structure of the data (such as folder hierarchy) is defective, turning the management of your emails afterwards an ordeal. Imagine not finding email folders where you expect them to be!

Does not alter or modify

Some other specific complex parts of email database include Unicode text in headers, non-English email addresses, graphics inside email bodies, non-textual attachments, and read/unread status of emails. All these types of data are skipped by ordinary Postbox to PST converters. But ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ for the first time brings real-time and calibrated mechanics to keep track of all these components and convert them without alteration. What you get here as output is almost a replica of the input (Postbox), except in a different format (PST).

Few more aspects worth noting:

  • Fully standalone and desktop-based (works offline)
  • High conversion rate (1 GB per 10 minutes or less) despite the thoroughness
  • Simple installation without any manual configuration required. Just follow the installation wizard (click “next”).
  • If MBOX to PST conversion is what you need, you can work with multiple MBOX files in one go.
  • The option to split large PST files add much needed relief for large databases.
  • You can manually exclude any folder you don’t want to convert. “Ignore all empty folders” also offer a great way to exclude all the folders without any content.
  • Output PST files are compatible with all Windows Outlook versions, and can also be used with Mac Outlook 2011, 2016, and Office 365 versions.
  • Light and stable. Never freezes or crashes, no matter how big a database you wish to convert to PST.

There are a few choices for licensed versions of ‘Mail Extractor Pro,’ making it accessible and economical for users and corporations of all shapes and sizes. All versions are identical in the way they work, except the allowed number of machines you can install it on, streamlining the process of email migration in the context of individuals/homes and companies.

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Postbox to PST converter free trial

The trial version is free to try for all and is available for direct download below without needing any information like CC details or even email addresses. You can get it up and running in less than two minutes and see how effective this Postbox to PST converter can be.

Download at

The support team at USL Software is a click away from answering all your questions or helping you out in any situation that you need help for. They are available 24 x 7, 365 days a year, and offer resolution that you need quickly.