OST to MBOX Tool: The Best Solution to Your Email Migration!

OST Extractor Pro’ is not another generic OST to MBOX tool. It is a leading and comprehensive solution to most of your OST conversion needs. The tool can convert the files (OST) to many other popular formats (like Apple Mail, PST, Thunderbird, and EML). MBOX is one of the output formats it lets you convert the data to.

The MBOX to PST Tool

OST Extractor Pro’ is developed using the most elaborate and efficient methods for data extraction.

ost to mbox

Getting the complex emails and other information with them and implement all of it into another format like MBOX is not a simple task. But the tool’s powerful framework and central engine responsible for conversion makes it possible to give you thorough and correct results.

Below is a list of top features of this OST to MBOX tool:

  • Installation is standard and easy. Just follow the instructions and you will install it in less than two minutes.
  • No initial setup or configuration. Just install and start!
  • Custom-scripts to handle the double-byte characters like Chinese and Korean (Because they are different than ASCII characters and can be missed during processing by generic tools)
  • Algorithms that ensure every little detail is converted. Like: Headers (to, from, cc, Bcc, Subject), graphical components (photos, logos, graphs, etc.), attachments, nested emails, HTML formatted emails, metadata, and more.
  • No dependency on anything. The tool is a fully standalone program that does not even require internet to convert the files.
  • Precise Folder mapping algorithms that give you the original arrangement of folders after the conversion
  • It can also convert OST to PST, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and EML files.
  • The conversion speed is much faster than other tools. You can expect to convert a GB of OST file to MBOX in less than 10 minutes.
  • The conversion report/log after each conversion project gives you all the details you would want to know. Very helpful when you have to convert sizeable database
  • Supports Ost files from any Outlook source (Outlook 97 version to 2019, also including Exchange Outlook and Office 365)
  • Converting batch OST files has gotten much easier now. You can select all the files you want to convert at once.
  • Full folder and hierarchy view before conversion and the choice to remove any folder you do not want to convert by simply unchecking the box.
  • Simple UI that anyone can get behind without knowing anything beforehand. You may be doing this for the first time you would have no trouble at all.
  • The technical support of USL Software can help you in certain cases.

Get the free trial

The simple and the best OST to MBOX tool is now free to download for trial purpose. You can test the features in real time and see how they fit your situation. Get the setup file below. You will be surprised by how simple it is to use and yet has everything you need for a successful migration.

ost to mbox tool

Read More: https://www.ostextractorpro.com/pst-ost-to-mbox/