Open OST File in Outlook for Mac and in Outlook for Windows!

Want to open OST file in Outlook? Here is what will help. Unfortunately, OST is an internal file of Outlook which does not work if you open it manually. But there is a way, and it is simple!

How to open OST file in Outlook?

Do you have OST file that you want to open in Outlook?

The short answer is that you cannot.


It works internally with Outlook. The OST is a variant of PST, personal storage table, that allows you to access emails even offline. The changes you make are synchronized with the mail servers when Outlook is connected to the internet. Every time you add an MAP, POP, or Exchange account, the data from the servers are downloaded to an OST file, which can be found inside the main database location.

But if you delete the account, the OST file become useless without it. There are other reasons too that can corrupt and render it inaccessible, such as viruses, hard drive failures, etc. In all these scenarios, you have your important emails in an OST file that cannot be manually imported or opened in Outlook.

Then, What to do…!!

The answer – convert it to PST.

PST, as said above, is the file used for purposes like archiving, backup, import/export, and migration. It also servers another purpose – importing data to Mac Outlook. PST is native to Windows variant of the Outlook client, but it also works in Mac version (only for importing data).

The tool helps you to convert

You can convert this inaccessible OST file to PST using ‘OST Extractor Pro.’ A simple yet powerful utility developed and marketed by USL Software.

If it sounds cumbersome or too technical, let us assure you, it is not. ‘OST Extractor Pro’ makes everything quick and intuitive, even to someone who has never done this before.

open ost file in outlook

To use the tool, all you need to do is follow the simple steps outlined below:

How It Works

  1. Launch the tool and click on ‘Add OST’
  2. Browse to the location of your OST file and select it
  3. The tool will display all the folders inside your file. You can remove any that you do not need to convert or open in Outlook.
  4. Click ‘Start.’
  5. Once finished, you will get the clean and new PST files, ready for importing to Outlook.
how to open ost file in outlook

Accurate ost file conversion

OST Extractor Pro‘ takes care of all the information and tiny details in your files, such as headers, links, and text formatting. It also carries specialized mechanisms through which every complex part of the database is handled with precision, such as Unicode text, folder structure, large and non-textual attachments, and so on.

Convert many other formats

Keep in mind that ‘OST Extractor Pro’ can also work as an email migration tool for OST files. If you need to simply open OST in Outlook, then choose ‘PST’ as the output format in which the emails will be converted into. But if you also need to migrate those emails to other clients, then you can select the format/client from the dropdown menu of the available output formats. You have the following choice to convert OST file to:

  • Outlook native PST
  • Apple Mail Mailbox Archive
  • Thunderbird
  • MBOX
  • EML

The contacts and calendar entries are also automatically detected and converted to VCF and ICS files, respectively.

Get it to open ost file in Outlook

Try the OST to PST converter free download demo version first to check out everything in depth.

open ost in outlook

Opening OST file in Outlook has always been challenging for both experienced users and the basic users. But with the help of ‘OST Extractor Pro,’ you can quickly convert it to PST and simply import it back to Outlook.