Moving Thunderbird files to Outlook – The Safe Way Without Exposing File’s Integrity!

Want to move Thunderbird files to Outlook? Get started on this journey with the help of Mail Extractor Pro. The application features safe and efficient way to convert the files so that you can transfer the data across the clients.

Move Thunderbird files to Outlook

Thunderbird files are not directly compatible with Outlook. Nor can you use archive Thunderbird data to MBOX, because even MBOX format does not work with Outlook.

Outlook in Mac uses OLM and PST files and Outlook in Windows uses PST. Mail Extractor Pro helps you convert the database from Thunderbird directly or even standard MBOX files into PST format, which you can then import to Outlook clients on either platform (Mac OS or Windows).

thunderbird files to outlook

Auto-Load Thunderbird Mail Data

The ‘auto-load’ is where Mail Extractor Pro truly shines. There are many software solutions that ask of you to archive emails first to MBOX and then convert the MBOX file. Here, you can simply let the tool pick the up the main Thunderbird database. You can also choose any backup database if that’s what you want to convert. Additionally, the choice for MBOX to PST conversion is also available for those who need it.

100% Accurate Conversion

The way it works is by deep-scanning the files/folders and processing every little information. There are no skipped or missing elements. Usually, users find themselves concerned of data loss or incomplete conversion, where items like graphics, attachments, email addresses, metadata, or similar components are not converted. But Mail Extractor Pro does not let you face the same. It delivers clean and 100% accurate files.

Such a concern (to get incomplete results) is the one of major factor in making the task of moving Thunderbird files to Outlook intimidating to everyone. No one likes to see important emails or files missing or broken.

thunderbird to outlook

No Data Loss

The similar problem is the unwanted modification of structure or metadata. This does not constitute real data loss but can be equally frustration. Examples include disordered folders after conversion, unread/read status lost, nested emails broken, graphical items fragmented, etc. While such changes don’t necessarily mean loss of any information, but even a minor alteration can prove to be detrimental after the conversion when it comes to data management.

All of this is no more your problem to deal with. When you employ ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘ to move everything from Thunderbird to Outlook, you leave behind such inefficient and unsafe approach.

Easy to Use Interface

Next up is interface. The way a user can interact with the software determines the actual value of the software and all its features. Mail Extractor Pro is designed carefully and creatively such that all its power and advanced features don’t make it inaccessible. The surprisingly intuitive UI that the team came up with complements the power at its core. You can get it up and running and will never any professional training on email migration to actually convert Thunderbird data to Outlook. It’s that intuitive and natural to use.

convert thunderbird to outlook

Free Trial to Evaluate

You can download the Thunderbird converter setup file below and begin your trial version now to find out more. Mail Extractor Pro can convert Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and MBOX files to PST. And PST can be used with both Mac OS and Windows.