Migrate Apple Mail to Outlook 2013, 2016, 2019, Office 365

Migrate Apple Mail to Outlook 2013 – Ending the Era of Lackluster Methods and Tools!

Apple Mail and Outlook 2013 are definitely the top most used and appreciate email clients, but they work on different operating systems altogether.

While both clients have almost all the features you will ever need to manage your emailing needs, they sadly do not have a proper way to let you transfer your contents across them.

Migrate Apple Mail to Outlook 2013

The files used by the clients and other factors (like different OS) makes the transfer complicated and time-consuming. It is not like you can simply copy the files or use the default import/export feature that other programs have.

You might know that Outlook 2013 uses PST and Apple mail uses EMLX and MBOX. Manually transferring the files to the other’s database is technically not going to work.

So, let us get down to the actual solution and see how you can avoid the unnecessary problems dozens of lackluster methods/tools make you face. The tool we are recommending ends the era of frustration and data-loss risk by making the job quicker and safer without adding any complexity. In fact, the UI simplifies it even further, so anyone can follow through the steps without requiring technical information about the files or anything.

Tool to Migrate Apple Mail to Outlook 2013

Called “Mail Extractor Pro,” it lacks any ordinary features and programming for the data migration goal you have in mind. Instead, you get

  • A cutting-edge ‘Autoload’ feature to automatically select your Apple Mail database for conversion.
  • A dedicated mechanism to handle the Unicode characters in your email headers
  • Option to limit the size of PST files and split them into smaller files if necessary
  • And much more.
Migrate Apple Mail to Outlook

It is truly the solution many badly needed for this goal, especially if you have the sensitive data in your Mac Mail.

With Ultimate Features

Get it today to import MBOX to Outlook 365 & other version.

The conventional software can lead to missing information in the output files. And the risk of not seeing such errors right away is a likely outcome. A single error in the attachments that you fail to pick up on could potentially mean losing a sensitive document forever (assuming you don’t have the access to the original Mac Mail data).

This often happens to users who are leaving an organization and they want to take their personal emails from the work Apple Mail database to their home Windows computer with Outlook 2013 installed. They go through inefficient and unsafe methods, get the converted PST files, take them home, and do not see any integrity flaws, only until when it is too late.

Even in scenarios where you know you can always keep the Apple Mail original database, it is unwise to apply the generic methods and tools. Not only does it deplete your hours unnecessarily, you too can end up with lost and corrupt files, not considering the partial results and structure loss.

Things like broken images and messed up folder hierarchy is far too common and painful to even try out the old and non-professional solutions to migrate Apple Mail to Outlook.

This is why “Mail Extractor Pro” gets to the top of most recommended solution for migrating Apple Mail to Outlook 2013. It offers complete and exhaustive conversion without requiring any expertise from the users’ end. You can be the first-time user dealing with email migration, but you can still pick up the tool the next minute and get the same professional and precise results.

Free trial to migrate Apple Mail to Outlook 2013

Migrate Apple Mail to Outlook 2013

Grab the free setup file and use the trial version to see the action directly. For any problems before, during, or after the conversion, you can get in touch with the support staff of USL Software for the quick and satisfying resolution.

To convert Mac Mail MBOX to PST file format, get the tool today.