MBOX to PST in Mac OS X, Unequivocally Precise and Quick Conversion!

Want to convert MBOX to PST in Mac OS X directly? Regrettably, most tools are Windows-based and the ones that work in Mac are not without their inherent flaws.

  • Slow data-rate making the task immensely time-consuming
  • Losing the essence of original data (modifying struture and losing details)
  • Incoherent interfaces that make the task unnecessarily complex
  • No Tech support
  • No native support to process Chinese and other Asian text characters (Unicode)
  • And dozens more

Convert MBOX to PST in Mac OS X

But lucky for you, that is no more mandatory for you to face. You can avoid the painful and devastating data losses and other issues by using Mail Extractor Pro, which is the sharpest MBOX to PST converter for Mac OS X.

It works for Mac OS X 10.6 and higher and has several licenses and a free trial version that you can download below.

mbox to pst in mac os x

Mail Extractor Pro is unlike the other common MBOX to PST Mac OS X converters. It drops the conventional but ineffective data extraction methods. The tool carries optimized algorithms at its heart that can tackle all information within the files with precision and speed.

For instance, it has its specialized indexing system that offers clear conversion of Unicode characters. Similarly, the graphics, attachments, MIME headers, and nested emails are processed with their dedicated scripts.

You will not face a single data loss issue.

mbox to pst mac os x

Below are some more notable features that are purely exceptional and unrivaled.

Accurate Localization of Folders

Finding your email folders fragmented and not in actual order can be distressing. And is very common in most MBOX to PST conversion tasks. But Mail Extractor Pro introduces the advanced localization means of mapping the folders that will never dislocate folders or alter their hierarchy.

Swift Data-flow Saves your time Substantially

Time-consuming is one way to describe typical converters for MBOX to PST in Mac OS X or Windows. Mail Extractor Pro put an end to that. It’s innovative data-flow is swift and processes data without interruptions. Regardless of how large MBOX files you need to convert, the tool always works in a flash and without ever impacting the other areas negatively.

Stop PST files from Getting Oversized

Ever tried to import large PST to Outlook? While it is not totally impossible, it is definitely a nightmare. And yet, you seldom to see such an obvious need of splitting large PST files in any of the converters. Mail Extractor Pro lets you specify the maximum size for the converted PST file. The tool automatically stops them from crossing that limit and splits them into multiple files.

The common tools are fundamentally flawed in many ways. Mail Extractor Pro makes it possible for you to avoid that. The exceptional internal framework with which it works with your precious emails and other items is what makes it the top most choice for most users.

And in addition, it is not only meant for high-end users but also for home users who may not have advanced needs. If you are one of them, you will be happy knowing that the interface it has is fairly simple and straightforward.

Get it to convert mbox to pst in Mac OS X

convert mbox to pst in mac os x

You can go straight to the full version or check out the free trial version and go in-depth trial with how it works in action and experience the power directly.