FAQs relating to the task of Importing OST file to Outlook!

If importing OST file to Outlook is on your mind, then this list of FAQs might help you land on the right kind of product for pursuing the same.

Importing OST file to Outlook

This small article has been moulded to include FAQs relating to the best tool for importing OST file to Outlook – OST Extractor Pro! Read on and explore the unknown territory for securing the future of your database!

importing ost file to outlook

Q. What is the benefit of importing OST file to Outlook using OST Extractor Pro?

A. While there are numerous merits of taking the services of OST Extractor Pro to convert OST to PST, let us look into the top 5 reasons for it.

Firstly, the tool is a creation of USL Software- a company that is highly respected in this market domain. The credibility lies in the very fact that this company has developed several email conversion tools all of which have been liked and promoted by the users.

Secondly, this tool keeps the data files safe. Unlike other tools, this one does not damage or corrupt the files in the process of importing OST file to Outlook.

Thirdly, there are no technical jargons involved in the whole procedure. It is all displayed on a very simple interface which can be understood by everyone alike.

Next, the output of OST Extractor Pro with respect to the process of importing OST file to Outlook is marvelous. Every single detail is restored with full properties.

Lastly, this tool is extremely affordable and suits the pockets of majority of the users.

For all these reasons, choosing this tool over the others proves to be a prudent decision on the part of the users.

Q. Are there any differences in the free version and the fully paid version of OST Extractor Pro?

A. Although, all the features incorporated into the tool can be found on both the demo version as well as the paid version, there is one little difference between the two.

The full version comes with complementary updates for life and a round the clock customer service. This version can be utilized full throttle for importing OST file to Outlook without any limitations.

In the case of demo version, however, there is no scope of updates for obvious reasons. Additionally, there is a restriction on the number of files that can be converted. The creators have limited it to 10 items per folder.

import ost file to outlook

Q. Can I get stuck while importing OST file to Outlook using OST Extractor Pro?

A. The chances of a user getting stuck in the process of importing OST file to Outlook with the assistance of OST Extractor Pro are almost negligible. The process is extremely streamlined and there is no chance of users getting confused or held-up at any point during the conversions. This Microsoft OST to PST converter tool happens to be bug-free due to which the data flow is uninterrupted. Moreover, the users can always turn to the friendly support in case of need.