Importing OLM File to Mac Mail is Now Going to be like A Walk in the Park!

Importing OLM file to Mac Mail involves tricky maneuvers. There is no need to go through those unproductive methods.

Importing OLM file to Mac Mail Easy Way

Let us find out how you can avoid all that and instead do it seamlessly.
OLM is format for Outlook in Mac and is not applicable in any other email client, like Apple Mail

Many have found some schemes to go around the mismatching of the file formats the clients use, but they all deliver terrible outcomes. It is worst for business related data, where every little detail count.

We are going to be turning around this process for you. Forget any other old method you may have read about. The answer below will show how you can carry this out like a professional without ever needing any technical expertise.

Tool for importing OLM file to Mac Mail

USL Software is a leading source of top email migration software solutions. They have consistently driven solutions to home users and corporation for the varying degrees of migration projects. “OLM Extractor Pro” is one of their tools specifically designed for importing OLM files to Mac Mail through precise file conversion procedure.

importing olm file to mac mail

What this tool does is take all the data in OLM files and convert it into Mac Mail compatible files. It has two options to make it happen: you can either select MBOX or “Mail” folder. Both are easily importable into Mac Mail.
The difference between ‘OLM Extractor Pro’ and other non-dedicated solutions is massive. The two most distinct differences are in the graphical user interface (as opposed to command line) and the algorithms responsible for deriving information cleanly. Both elements work together to simplify the task while also providing precise data conversion.

import olm file to mac mail

Moreover, the simple graphical-UI does not mean that the tool withholds any necessary choice or functionality essential for advanced migration needs. It has many options and choices to suit diverse demands.

What options you will get with it

  • You can convert Olm to either MBOX or ‘Mail’ native folder
  • The scripts adapt to suit the complex information in files users have and ensure all items are processed without exception. Such as Unicode text, folders, headers, MIME content, and so on.
  • The tool automatically detects contacts and calendar folders and convert them to VCF and ICS files respectively
  • The filters allow you to manually select or remove any type of content you desire.
  • If you choose MBOX files as output, you can also specify the size they can take during conversion. Any file larger than the specified limit will be split into smaller files.
  • Choose to save read and unread emails separately after conversion to output Mac mail files.
  • It also allows converting OLM to formats other than Mail and MBOX, such as Thunderbird, Entourage, Postbox, and standard MBOX and EML files.

Get it for importing olm file to Mac Mail

“OLM Extractor Pro” has finally reduced an otherwise lengthy and tricky conversion job into a breeze.

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See how it runs in your database. The free trial version is available to download now without any cost, commitment, or even sign-up.