Import MBOX to Outlook 365 Mac and Windows

FAQs to help you work your way into the best method to import MBOX into Outlook 365 – Mail Extractor Pro FAQs.

A self-help guide can go a long way in resolving the basic issues that anyone comes across in using a new product. FAQs do more or less the same job for anyone who is willing enough to try the product without any expert’s help.

Thereby, for anyone who is confused about the usage of Mail Extractor Pro in order to import MBOX into Outlook 365, the following list of questions and answers pertaining to the most resilient email conversion tool that helps you to import MBOX into Outlook 365 has been made available.

import mbox to outlook 365

What are my options if I want to import MBOX into Outlook 365?

While you may find many options on the internet claiming to resolve the email migration issue, they can’t be trusted and relied upon. The manual option takes too long and the other options just aren’t safe. The only way out of this situation is to take the help of professional software.

A professional conversion tool will ease up your job and will smoothly help you import MBOX into Outlook 365. The job isn’t easy however and thereby many tools break-down before they even reach the end point.

In such a case, a backing of known company such as USL software helps a great deal in choosing a reliable tool. Mail Extractor Pro is one of their creations that one must opt for if they want to import MBOX to Outlook 365.

import mbox to outlook 365 mac

Does Mail Extractor Pro specialize in the job to import MBOX into Outlook 365?

Mail Extractor Pro is an exceptional tool that has been designed by the experts at USL software. This tool has its USP is in catering to the wide range of mailing clients.

At the root level this tool specializes in the converting various kinds of emailing data to make it compatible with Microsoft Outlook. These emailing clients include Apple mail, Postbox, Thunderbird, and MBOX. Thus, it definitely is a specialist if someone wants to import MBOX into Outlook for Mac and Windows.

How long does it take if I want to import MBOX into Outlook 365 using Mail Extractor Pro?

The good news is that using Mail Extractor Pro one can import MBOX into Outlook 365 in a matter of few seconds.

The tool has an organized set of algorithms. It quickly makes the change required and precisely change each and every element to the new format. A user can directly utilize the converted files in Outlook and go about their business like nothing changed.

This conversion process is further simplified for an average user. It includes some extremely simple steps like upload of files, choosing of the output, setting up the PST file size, and then eventually converting the files.

Import MBOX to Outlook 365 Windows

The conversion happens at superfast speed and the same isn’t affected by the size of data. So whether you have a small database or a large one, conversions would happen well under a few seconds to few minutes time.