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You can’t directly export OLM to Mac Mail. OLM is strictly a file used by Mac Outlook and no other client. To export your data in Mac Outlook or OLM files into clients like Mac Mail, you can employ this simple and effective method.

Export OLM to Mac Mail

Did you recently switch to Mac Mail from Mac Outlook? Or did you recently find yourself needing to share a large amount of data in Mac Outlook with a Mac Mail user?

In both situations, you may have found that there’s no in-built feature or support to migrate or export/import data in either of the client, Mac Mail or Mac Outlook. And if you had dug deeper, you may have found out that you can archive or export emails in Mac Outlook to OLM files. The problem with OLM files is that you can’t use them with Mac Mail; in fact, you can’t use them with any other email client.

OLM is a proprietary file format from Microsoft specifically used in Mac Outlook to store data. You can use OLM to migrate emails from Mac Outlook to other installations of Mac Outlook in other computers, but you can’t use them anywhere else.

This creates the obvious problem. How can you transfer a huge database from Mac Outlook to Mac Mail? Or how can a Mac Mail user open or import an OLM file?

This problem of not being able to export OLM to Mac Mail directly or through any officially supported channels have puzzled many experts and professionals in this field. Luckily, for large corporations, they can deploy a ton of resource into custom-built solutions to meet their specific requirements. But for a basic home user, their remains either a massive challenge or a highly costly problem to solve.

This post is here now to give you a slimmer of hope in this sea of troubles and challenges of email migration.

If you have an OLM file you want to import to Mac Mail, try “OLM Extractor Pro”.

Export OLM to Mac Mail With ‘OLM Extractor Pro

As the name suggests, it is a tool that extracts data from OLM files and gives you an option to convert it all into other formats, including format that Mac Mail can detect and apply. So, all you have to do is load the OLM file (or multiple OLM files), choose the folders to convert inside those selected files, check other available settings/options, choose output format as ‘Apple Mail,’ and click ‘Convert.’

The tool starts the conversion process and in no time will give you clean and accurate output files that you can easily import into Mac Mail.

There are other tools of this similar nature that allows OLM file conversion to Mac mail formats, but there is a reason why “OLM Extractor Pro” is often recommended. The biggest advantage of “OLM Extractor Pro” is the company behind it, USL Software.

USL Software has helped hundreds of companies and thousands of users convert their massive databases across different email clients and formats. They also support each of their product with 24 x 7 tech support that erases the line between experts and beginners, because you can ask for their help at any time and make the process even quicker and easier than otherwise.

Other than the benefits of the company’s services, “OLM Extractor Pro” has a lot to offer you when it comes to OLM to Mac Mail conversion. Namely: a basic and minimal interface without compromising the more advanced features, sophisticated conversion logic that takes care of each and every tricky item inside your files, the dedicated algorithm for converting non-English text (UNICODE) and MIME defined content, the automatic conversion of contacts and calendar items to VCF and ICS files respectively, and more.

Free Trial to Export OLM to Mac Mail

You can check out the free trial version that USL Software has to offer for ‘OLM Extractor Pro.’ The good thing about this free trial version is that it doesn’t lock you out of any feature from trying out. It just converts ten times per folder, which is a condition that is irrelevant for you to closely inspect how the converter works and to inspect the overall performance.


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