EML to PST Converter for Mac – Redefining What it Means to Accurately Convert Email Files!

Mail Extractor Pro is the best EML to PST converter for Mac that is redefining what it means to accurately convert email files. If you have ever converted these files, you would know how inaccurate most of these converters are with your data. There would be lot of errors and gaps in the data integrity, which can be quite frustrating for the users.

EML to PST Converter

It’s not just the errors and missing data, but the fact that you cannot practically check each and every email and check if everything is safely converted. Often many people find out later that some part of the email is just missing; such as, there is an empty spot where an image should be, or that email addresses from the headers are not appearing correctly, or that attachments of a certain format just didn’t convert at all.

These data integrity lapses by most EML to PST converters for Mac is one of the biggest concerns for many. Besides that, very slow conversion speed, lack of any technical support, poorly designed interface, and similar other issues have plagued this eml to pst conversion task for years and there hasn’t been a proper answer yet.

The Best EML to PST Converter for Mac

But now “Mail Extractor Pro” is a convincing alternative to all those inferior and inefficient converters that didn’t really match up to the users’ expectations. This EML to PST converter for Mac has been designed by USL Software to work efficiently with your data and not end up with broken files or missing components. It is also the simplest tool to use because of the amazing work that has been done on its interface. The UI is the biggest factor in the success or lack thereof, for any kind of software, but it matters the most when it comes to email migration. “Mail Extractor Pro” brings with itself lots of features but all of them have been integrated under its graphical UI that makes the job doable and quick even for the beginners.

eml to pst converter

Here are some more of its features:

  • You can limit the size of PST files if you want. The tool itself splits the larger ones into smaller files, making it much easier to later import them to Outlook.
  • PST file that the eml converter tool generates can be used with any Outlook version, including Mac version of Outlook.
  • Unicode content from the headers are processed with a special set of algorithms built only for such formatted text. You will get clean and accurate conversion of your non-English content.
  • The folders inside the EML files are traced with accuracy and are mapped on to new PST without changing the hierarchy
  • Besides all this, “Mail Extractor Pro” can also convert Apple Mail and Thunderbird database directly from the Identity or Profile folder, including from the backup locations. It can also convert the standard MBOX files to PST.
  • There’s also a technical support always ready to lend you a hand or answer any of your queries. Having a team of experts a click away adds to the comfort and efficiency of any computer related tasks.

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Claim the free trial copy today. It works for ten emails per folder. You can see how and why “Mail Extractor Pro” has made its mark on many users as the best EML to PST converter for Mac.