Convert PST to EML (PST Extractor Pro for Mac)

Convert PST to EML Software easily. The tool we are bringing to you today is powered by the excellent algorithms developed by USL Software to ensure completely conversion with no loss to the details.

Convert PST to EML Software for Mac

Converting PST to EML is simple if you have a tool that works. But most of the times, these third-party converters lack what needs to convert data accurately.

The biggest challenge to overcome is to get the minute details and metadata extracted from these files. Emails are getting more complex every day. There was a time when an email simply meant text sent across networks. But today you can share all sorts of files and information in any format you want, send to multiple people, embed images, and more. This complexity makes it difficult for PST to EML software to get everything and thus, results in data integrity errors.

Second challenge is to make the tool simple enough for anyone to use without going through high technical jargon. You probably don’t have time to become a professional in the email migration industry. You just want to move your data from windows Outlook to other clients and for that you need a quick and easy PST to EML converting software.

Thirdly, many converters lack options. They are often terribly limited in what they can do and how you can output files. Many tools just put data from PST to EML without giving any sort of flexibility to the users, and that too, with errors.

All of these challenges and problems with PST to EML conversion have made the task infamous.

But it doesn’t have to be. With a proper built solution, it can be quick and precise to convert all your data from PST to EML and suffer no data integrity loss.

If you came here looking for exactly that, you will not disappoint wit it. “PST Extractor Pro” is from USL Software the exact tool users need, which has resolved all the complications explained above.

convert pst to eml

“PST Extractor Pro”:

  • is a PST to EML conversion software that doesn’t omit any element from the files. Its conversion is complete and exhaustive. The precise algorithms ensure elements like images, attachments, non-English text, and more will convert with high accuracy.
  • is also easy to use. The UI built by the USL Software team is basic and can be interacted by total beginners with ease.
  • And there are multiple options for users to customize the output files to fit their needs. For example, you can ignore all empty folders in a single click. You can save read/unread emails in separate files. And more.

With all these set of features, you will never have to be concerned regarding PST to EML conversion.

convert pst to eml software

You can download the free version today and check it out.

Note that “PST Extractor Pro” is a complete solution for converting PST files to many other formats, not just EML. For example, you can convert PST to formats like Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, and to standard MBOX Files.

To convert pst to eml, get it roday.