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Safety, Accuracy and Speed, all in one tool. The ultimate all round converter to convert Outlook to Mac Mail: PST Extractor Pro.

Convert Outlook to Apple Mail

The generic qualities you look for in a converter tool include Safety, Accuracy and Speed. But most tools that help you convert Outlook to Apple Mail excel in either field but not all at once. Well, not any more.

PST Extractor Pro, the ultimate all round converter tool compromises of all the qualities giving you the right assistance when you convert PST to Apple Mail.

convert outlook to apple mail

Conversion made easy: PST Extractor Pro

Conversion of any email format to another is a tricky process. Anything that makes it easier is just a blessing.

PST Extractor Pro is filled with such features. The tool provides an all-round package that contains every feature that is required to make the conversion process better, safer and more efficient.

When you convert Outlook to Apple Mail you’ll face no problems whatsoever.

Be it ASCII or Unicode, the tool welcomes everything

One of the most prominent problems that you face when you convert Outlook to Apple Mail is the inability of your converter tool to convert the Unicode content.

Email virtually carriers any kind of data. But most abundant kind of data that travels through emails is in text format. It is encoded using the ASCII encoding scheme.

The rest of the data like calendars, attachments etc. is encoded using the Unicode scheme. Since most of the data is in textual format therefore, most converters are equipped with enough power to convert it.

So, you don’t face any problem with the textual part when you convert Outlook to Apple Mail. But Unicode data is the hurdle that they fail to cross. And this has negative effects on the input file as well.

PST Extractor Pro converts all the data present in the input file irrespective of the encoding scheme therefore, providing you with a safe and complete conversion process.

Accuracy like none other

When you think of a good converter to convert Outlook to Apple Mail you wish for its accuracy of conversion to be high.

PST Extractor Pro provides you with the highest conversion accuracy for a converter tool. The tools accuracy is such that it converts everything down to the last bit when you convert Outlook to Mac Mail.

The tool solves the long-lasting problem of data loss or being left unconverted. It ensures that everything is loaded onto the converter tool for conversion.

Then the tool converts everything with extreme precision without leaving anything behind. It even retains the folder hierarchy from the input file to give you an output file that is an exact replica of the input one.

 Convert Everything Faster

Speed is the essence of today’s world. Everyone is in a hurry and you should not be sitting in front of a computer screen waiting for the conversion process to get over.

PST Extractor Pro provides you with that opportunity to convert everything quickly. The tool provides you with the feature of Bulk Conversion to do so.

When you convert Outlook to Apple Mail, usually you go one by one selecting the files that you want to convert. But Bulk Conversion allows you to select all the files that you want to convert and then in a single go it converts them all.

This does not compromise with the accuracy and precision of the tool. It only cuts down on the time wasted in the conversion process, thus making it faster without compromising with the quality of conversion.

convert outlook to mac mail

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