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Convert Outlook Email to Apple Mail

When we talk about email clients, Outlook and Apple Mail are the first to come to mind. And why not? They are the most popular email clients for Mac and Windows respectively, and for a reason. They have offered quite a remarkable platform for users to manage their emails.

Emails are no more simple text; they can be highly complex dealing with lots of types of data. Such as metadata, images, attachments, and more. Email clients offer their help in managing all this data in an ordered fashion.
But there’s a downside to all this. If you for some reason want to move from Outlook email to Apple Mail, you will face a lot of problems trying to move your data too.

Some users may have stored on online servers, so they don’t really have to migrate data anywhere. That may be true for some users. But most of the users, probably including you, have stored the data locally to save space on the email servers. This local data is stored in PST files in Windows Outlook, and the file is incompatible with Apple Mail. this gives rise to the challenges involved with email migration.

So, how to move this local data from Outlook to Apple Mail? how to convert Outlook email to Apple Mail that isn’t stored on email servers?

The answer is simple – convert those PST files form Windows Outlook to Apple Mail. This not only takes care of the local data, but also makes it easy to get your online data to Apple Mail without relying on IMPA internet sync method. This result sin saving time, a lot of time if your database is huge.

This brings us to another question – how to convert PST to MBOX, where MBOX is native fie for Apple Mail. And the answer here is “PST Extractor Pro,” a Mac tool by USL Software. This is the only Mac compatible tool that converts Windows Outlook PST files to MBOX cleanly. Most of the other applications are Windows based.

PST Extractor Pro


But the fact that “PST Extractor Pro” works in Mac is not its only unique feature. The tool is much ahead of all other counterparts in terms of speed, data accuracy, stability, ease of use and all other areas of a software program.

convert outlook email to apple mail

Let’s talk about few examples:

When it comes to converting Outlook emails to Apple Mail, there’s one very big problem. Most tools fail to convert non-English text because they are usually encoded with sophisticated encoding standards. The best example of this is Unicode content that is encoded using double-byte characters, such as Chinese and Japanese. “PST Extractor Pro” is the only fie converter that fully supports the conversion of non-English text of any type.

Another example is its support for batch conversion. you can load any number of PST files and convert them to Apple mail without any issues. This ability to convert in bulk will save many users a lot of time, that wasn’t an easy thing to do before ‘PST Extractor Pro.’

User interface of “PST Extractor Pro” Is another component of this application that clearly sets it apart from the rest. It’s incredibly easy to use its interface and convert data without getting overwhelmed. This is especially impressive when you consider the amount of flexibility and advanced features the tool has to offer.

In short, USL Software, the company behind “PST Extractor Pro” has neither compromised with the advanced functionality of the tool, nor with the simplicity of its interface that is very important to make the task efficient.
Get the free trial version if you want to see all that in person. The trial mode works for ten items per folder, a perfect way to evaluate its performance.

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