Convert OST to PST file – No Concerns of Partial Conversion Results!

OST Extractor Pro” is a result of an amazing development efforts by USL Software. The same company that has brought many other professional tools. (such as: PST Extractor Pro, Mail Extractor Pro, and OLM Extractor Pro). OST Extractor Pro carries the same level of polish and practices that makes USL Software the renowned name in email migration domain.

As the name suggests, it is the tool to convert OST files to various other formats. It can convert OST to MBOX, EML, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and Postbox. But for this post, we are focusing in OST to PST for Mac & Windows Outlook.

Convert OST to PST file

To begin with, let us see why you need to convert them in the first place.

OST and PST are used to store data for Microsoft Outlook.

Little About ‘OST’

Unlike PST, OST cannot be used manually to backup, migrate, archive, or import/export purposes. It is for the internal use by Outlook. The file is basically like an offline cache mode and is a copy of your folders on the servers. Whenever you add an email account to Outlook in Windows, the client will download the data to an OST file. The file will keep the file in sync with the servers. Any changes are synced across the file and server automatically.

This functionality lets you easily work in an offline mode. Without worrying about manually synchronizing the changes to the servers too.

But there are cases where the OST files might be isolated or broken for some reason.

Example: if you delete your email account, the OST file in your database directory is of no use. If you add the account again, Outlook will create another OST file and start downloading the data to this new file. But if you cannot add the account again (like in a work environment where you are shifting to new account or company), the OST file is inaccessible and so is the data inside it.

Best Way to Convert OST to PST file

That is when it makes sense to convert it to PST, so you can import it back into Outlook. PST is a personal data file natively with Windows Outlook and is also compatible with Mac Outlook only importing purposes. Which means, by converting OST to PST file, you can also use it in Mac Outlook without any problems.

But the most challenging part of such file conversion is the partial conversion results. It is when you employ a half-baked tools or unprofessional converters and they end up missing either the graphics, attachments, email addresses, MIME headers, or other similar parts from your database. Such loss is technically called data integrity errors and can be the worst outcome of the process.

Convert OST to PST file with ‘OST Extractor Pro’

But with “OST Extractor Pro”, it is no more so. You can use it without a single worry in your mind and assure that every little detail will safely convert to output PST files.

convert ost to pst
OST Extractor Pro – Convert ost to pst file in Mac and Windows.

It has special built-in support for protecting details like folders’ hierarchy, graphical components (images, icons, etc.), headers (To, From, Cc, Subject), and attachments. The tool even ensures full processing of Unicode and MIME content, something other ordinary tools struggle with.

convert ost to pst file
OST Extractor Pro – Convert OST to PST, MBOX, EML, Apple Mail, Thunderbird & Postbox.

Note that the PST files can be used not only with Windows Outlook, but also with Mac Outlook 2016, 2019, and even older versions of Outlook (like 97). And as said above, PST is also compatible with the Mac variant of the Outlook client.

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