Convert Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac and Windows In 3 Steps

Convert Apple Mail to Outlook Sharply Without Skipping Over any Data Elements!

Convert Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac & Windows

Converting Apple Mail to Outlook is a process that can take many hours and a lot of efforts to do it right. The common methods and tools available have plenty of drawbacks to turn this task into a nightmare. Most often, users employ EMLX or MBOX to PST converter to convert the data/files. But without a proper software utility, they only end up with partial migration, full of errors and discontinuity with the data structure.

Here we are suggesting a dedicated utility for Mac that will let you convert Apple Mail to Outlook sharply without skipping over any details. The algorithms this utility carries at its foundation are responsible for 100% conversion while keeping everything intact in the original form.

It is also built for beginners, thanks to the amazing interface. You will have no trouble finding your way across the interface, even if you have no prior experience with the process. Converting Apple Mail to Outlook always troubles users mainly because most of the tools have sloppy UIs that require ton of efforts and manual steps for converting data. All of that is gone now with this app.

Best Tool to Convert Apple Mail to Outlook

It is called ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ and is developed by USL Software, available in several licenses as full version and also a free trial version that you can download right now and get started in a free trial mode.

Convert Apple Mail to Outlook

There are many specific features that make a huge difference in users’ overall experience and the precision of the outcome. Below we are taking a look at three top features of ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘.

Auto Load

Firstly, it is worth noting that to convert your Apple Mail data, you no longer need to archive emails to MBOX files or manually look up the EMLX raw data files from the database. ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ is capable of auto-detecting the default Mac Mail database called ‘Identity’ or ‘Profile.’ If you want to convert some other database, you can simply specify its location rather than manually loading any sort of files.

This simplifies the task significantly and also reduces the chances of any data loss by reducing the manual steps needed.


Another feature, or rather, set of features, is the exclusive mechanisms to extract more intricate parts of the database. This allows the tool to keep up the fidelity and never skips anything. There are specialized algorithms for working with elements like Unicode characters in headers, text formatting, long hyperlinks, folder structure/hierarchy, graphics, and nested emails. If you have ever converted Apple Mail to Outlook, you would know that these specific segments of an email database are the first to suffer disintegration and even loss. You do not have to face those issues now.

Control & Options

Lastly, ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ comes with a few controls/options that help you tweak the outcome and the process as required. Many other ordinary software tools are rigid and do not have any useful options, which can make them impractical in many situations. With ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘, you can manually remove any folder that isn’t necessary to migrate, ignore all empty folders, split large PST files, and more.

Free Trial To Convert Apple Mail to Outlook

Try the demo first to check out everything in detail and find out how the tool suits you.


To activate, you have three options: household/standard, small-scale, and enterprise.

Do not forget to contact the support if you have any questions. The technical support is always there by your side in case you face any setbacks during conversion. They also assist via TeamViewer to get things done quicker.

Get it today to convert Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox and MBOX to Outlook (PST).